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love it so much though

i received my sample and it's amazing, what I love most is it's a fragrance free but just don't have the budget for this wonderful product. I would love to have them for everyday and night time use. Thank you for letting me try,it was greatly appreciated... will be ordering one day for sure.

You're welcome Marlene! I recommend to stay tuned to our mailing list for all current and upcoming promotions - and if you're not aware of the introductory discount, I recommend to give us a call on 1.866.774.8377 for more information.
Amazing sunscreen

Gave this a try when this was on sale and it was amazing. This sunscreen is light, absorbs very fast, and it blends very well into the skin. Will be purchasing again soon.

We agree KT - light, blendable and works wonderfully as a physical sunscreen to deflect UVA/UVB rays away, providing broad spectrum coverage. We hope you enjoy! :)

I ordered the free sample. Used it for 4 days and immediately ordered the full size. My skin has never felt so soft. It’s so nice to finally have a skin care routine again. Give you time to take care of your self. Thank you!

Looking great, Florence!
Love, Love, Love!! Amazing Products

I have used the Korres line for well over 8 years and have to say I will not be going back to Korres. I use to think Korres was the best but now that I have been using your sample packet since August 3, 2018 I would have to totally disagree about Korres. I am totally amazed how it has evened out my skin tone and that I have a healthy glow to my skin! I have a very clear complexion but your products are amazing!! I have been complimented by many people asking me what I have done to my face as they have noticed a big difference. I will be infesting into this product as my skin is very important to me once I am done the sample packet. A little of your product goes a long way, so it is important you do not over use as you are wasting the product. Thank you very much...a very happy consumer!

Game changer

I’m a mom late 30’s, East Indian, sensative skin and always looking to reduce hyper pigmentation and sun spots and the glycolic peel does it all! Amazing! I’ve tried Skin Ceuticals, Skin Code, Skoah, you name it! I’ve seem better results with the peel in 30 day than 2 years with these other products! Loving my skin! Thank u!

WOW! Thank you for the wonderful review. We are delighted to har that you are happy with your skin's improvements. Packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and a potent anti-oxidant extract from the Western Red Cedar tree, exfoliation with this peel ensures that dry patches are removed and dull, flaky skin is replaced with a even-toned texture.

can you use this under your makeup as a moisturizer as well?

Hi Raji - absolutely! This can be used both with a moisturizer, and under your make up. The light, mineral rich formula blends seamlessly into the skin, and provides broad spectrum coverage without leaving a 'cakey' or heavy feeling! :)
Evened out my dry and oily parts

So far so good! Really like how it makes my skin feel. Not tight, not oily - just right.

Sunscreen Queery

Have been using the smoke package for a few days now. I love the products and will definitely be ordering at the end of the 15 days. Do you have samples of the sunscreen? I have olive skin tone but have always had issues with sunscreen either causing a rash or feeling horrible on. I am hesitant to spend $40 if it isnt goinn to work. If not, when buying a bundled set, is that a full size sunscreen? Thanks for any info! Great product and so happy to shop Canadian!

Hi Ginger! Thank you for your wonderful comments - in terms of our Sunscreen, as some of the ingredients are exclusive and difficult for us to source, this means we can't currently offer this in sample form. We have a 60 day return policy, if you are unsure whether you'd like it - just give us a call on 1.866.774.8377 within 60 days to speak to a friendly team member! PS - it's 20% off the Sunscreen, when purchasing a Trio! :)
Amazing Product

I have rosacea prone skin and it reacts to everything! In the past I have had to use unscented baby wash and moisturizer to prevent flair ups. I ordered the Riversol Anti- Aging sample pack and all I have to say is - Wow! The product is completely unscented and I haven't turned red. I didn't even know Riversol has an Anti -redness product! Also, the fine "concentrated frown" lines I was developing completely faded after using the serum for 3 days and my face is so soft. I am officially a Riversol convert.

Wow - thank you Lisa! We appreciate your comments, and we're so glad to be able to provide a product that works for you. Some of our happiest customers searched far and wide for a product to help with their rosacea, and are now lifelong customers! Keep us posted, we always love to hear about our customers experiences! :)
Best eye cream ever

I have been using the Eye Repair Treatment for less than a week. Already notice the puffiness and dark circles drastically reduced. I also received my free sample of skin care products and am halfway through, so far love the cleanser and moisturizer. Skin feels more youthful and smooth.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Anna! Keep us posted on your experience, and of course, we're always happy to help with any questions! :)
minimized fine lines and made my skin glow.

This was a wonderful kit.The cleanser and cream was gentle on my skin and didn't cause any irritation to my sensitive skin. It hydrated my skin perfectly and left my skin glowing. The fine lines on my forehead all but disappeared. I was afraid to try the glycolic peel but it left my skin looking young and vibrant and didn't cause any redness like some other scrubs and exfoliants tend to do. I will most likely stop using abrasive scrubs and exfoliants and completely switch over to peels just because they seem more gentle. This anti-aging kit worked well and I will definitely try other products from the Riversol skincare line.

Great on all your dry skin!

I actually ordered this as part of the repairing duo, and after getting a bit too much on my hands, decided to apply it to my very dry and ashy elbows and left it on instead of wiping it off. The relief was immediate, I kept it up for just a few days and the ashy-ness has gone away and they feel so smooth and the skin looks lighter and no longer feels like sandpaper!! It's also great on my face - I actually have quite oily skin and cystic acne, so my prescription meds dry it out a lot. My face looked and felt a lot better after.

That's great Amanda, while our products are generally designed for facial use, you have proven they can be used anywhere! Ultimately, it comes down to the symptoms you're looking to address, and dry skin, is dry skin! Keep us posted, and let us know if you have any questions whatsoever :)
Love these products.

I have been using the full anti aging system for 8 months. People keep commenting that I look younger. Yesterday someone asked if I was in my 20s. I'm 43. I use: cleanser, serum, moisturizer, eye treatment,and glycolic peel. I have recently added the sunscreen. My skin has been consistently better. I really value this product line.

Thanks Ne! We love to hear when our customers get compliments, and especially when they look 20 years younger! Dr Rivers' signature formulation of Vitamin C, E and Beta-T has shown to help many people reduce signs of aging and redness - and the phosphate form Vitamin C means it continues to work effectively under direct sunlight (unlike many other Vitamin C serums). Let us know if you ever have any questions! :)

What is this voodoo? After the first application all my deep smile lines softened up and my puffy bags went down. I suffer from bad allergies and rosacea and my cheeks and eyes pay the price. This cream is wonderful!

It's almost too good to be true Janet, right? The peptide rich formula in our Eye Repair Treatment has shown to be very effective, and has helped many customers rejuvenate the eye area. Glad it can work for you too! :)
Leaves skin looking brighter and healthier.

This is the first time I have ever used a peel and I have to say I was quite pleased. It felt gentle on my skin and didn't dry it out. The texture felt like a moisturizer so I wasn't expecting it to do much but surprisingly when I washed it off and looked at my complexion and I was pleased with how healthy and glowing my skin looked. Even before applying my serum and moisturizer my skin was left feeling soft and smooth.

Occasionally after exfoliating my skin is left red for awhile afterwards but this did not irritate my skin at all. If anyone is looking for a gentler, less abrasive alternative to exfoliating their skin I definitely recommend this peel. I was fortunate enough to get a 15 day trial kit for free containing this peel, a cream cleanser, a serum and daily moisturizing cream. I find in just 15 days this kit noticeably reduced my frown lines

Since the line I used was for sensitive skin I didn't experience any irritation whatsoever. Although some of their products are a little pricey definitely purchase them because I seen results only using once daily instead of twice daily as reccomended.

Thank you for sharing Cheyenne! Our Peel is super popular and helps to reveal fresher, more glowing skin cells, while removing dead skin, and helping to shrink and unclog pores. With a 4% Glycolic Acid content, it helps to provide an effective exfoliation without causing irritation (any redness experienced usually subsides within a short time frame) and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin (including rosacea sufferers). Let us know if you have any questions! :)
A nice, gentle cleanser.

This is a wonderful hydrating cream cleanser that doesnt leave my skin feeling dry and tight after washing. I mostly use milk cleansers on my skin as I find them less harsh and this one felt equally as gentle. Since I am in my thirties I like that this cleanser is gentle enough to use on the entire face, it helps to protect the skins moisture barrier and it relieves irritation and inflammation helping to calm even the most sensitive of skin. Since I received a 15 day trial kit including this, the moisturizer, serum and peel I looked on the Riversol website and the full sized bottle of the hydrating cream cleanser is only 29$. Since only a dime sized amount is needed to clean the face the bottle will last awhile

Hi Cheyenne- Thanks for the great review! We are always happy to hear when customers are feeling improvements. The cream cleanser is formulated specifically not to over-dry or strip the skin of essential oils, this cleanser cleans deeply but gently to remove impurities without disrupting the skin’s mantle, leaving the face at its natural pH! :)
Goodbye frown lines.

This serum is great. It did have a bit of a strange scent but it dissipates quickly and made my skin look and feel smoother, more plump and well hydrated. The fine frown lines I had on my forehead have all but disappeared. I used this in conjuction with the hydrating cream cleanser, daily moisturizer and the peel and I am quite pleased with the results. Although the serum seems a little pricey it does work. If you have the money it's worth trying. I was fortunate enough to get this in a 15 day trial kit for free.

Hi Cheyenne- Thank you so much for the wonderful review. We're glad that you are seeing improvements. This anti-aging serum is powered by 10 x the Vitamin C of our original Riversol serum formulations. This highly fortified serum restores a natural radiance to the skin by providing a potent blend of stabilized vitamins and anti-oxidants to combat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration. :)
A gentle cream for my sensitive skin.

Riversol Dermatologist Developed For Sensitive Skin daily Moisturizing Cream was very hydrating and left my skin looking and feeling soft. After applying it does seem to sit on my skin for awhile before absorbing and leaves my skin looking slightly oily. After applying it does seem to sit on my skin for awhile. Since i prefer a fast absorbing day cream that leaves my normal to combination skin looking matte I only used this cream at night in conjunction with the cream cleanser and anti-aging serum and was quite pleased with the results. The fine lines on my forehead have all but disappeared. These products used in conjunction left my skin looking and feeling great. I'm thinking in the next few months I Will purchase their anti-aging bundle. Since I will only be using the products once daily the three month supply will last me even longer. I'm so Happy I received a free 15 day free trial cause before that I wasn't even aware of this brand.


I'm 46 and would like to say, that over the yrs iv'e tried many products... riversol is superior to them all!!! I can honestly say my skin has cleared and fine lines have soften
Thank You so much
Keep up the amazing work

Hi Susan- WOW! Thanks for the wonderful review. We're delighted to hear that you are happy with your Riversol results! The cleanser provides a deep clean to gently removes impurities. The powerful anti-aging serum restores a healthy radiance to the skin by providing stabilized vitamins along with potent natural antioxidants that penetrate deeply. Finally, following application of the serum, the moisturizer provides lasting, lightweight hydration. :)
Best Ever!

I luv the Micellar Water! I use it every night to remove my make-up and especially for removing my mascara. I use two cotton pads and cleanse my entire face - I wake up with soft, supple skin! I am going to order another bottle today - as I am almost out :( and am going to also order the face cleanser (a new buy for me). I can't wait, lol! Awesome products! 5 outta 5 STARS!

Glad you like it, misswish! The Cucumber Extract is awesome for soothing the skin and reducing puffiness, and is a great make up remover for even the most sensitive of skin!
Seeing Results

I have been trying the 2 week supply and in that period of time I've definatly noticed a differance in my skin ,smaller pores,smoother looking skin .I've tried alot of products over the years and I must say this is by far the best.I'm wanting to purchase the 3 pack but I looking around for a coupon or code or something to bring down cost even just a little .

Always great to see visible results Linda! If you ever want to know about any current or upcoming promotions, please email our team at :)

I first started with the samples and bought the same products but bigger,makes my face feels great ,my wrinkles are not as deep and my skin looks so refreshing

Hi Louise! Many of our customers have benefited from Dr Rivers' signature formulation of Vitamin C, E and Beta-T - this has shown to help reduce signs of aging and redness, as well as nourish and refresh the skin!
Surpassed my expectations!

I’m extremely picky with the texture of anything I put on my face, and I was hesitant to try a tinted product because I’m very fair and didn’t want to look orange. Not only does this sunscreen tint blend flawlessly, but it feels lightweight too! I’m in love!

For anyone finding it greasy - use less. I put on too much the first day and didn’t understand why my skin was so shiny. I used half as much the next day and the coverage was perfect, and no sunburn in sight. I can’t recommend this product more highly.

Thank you for sharing Genevieve! That's some good advice, and we're glad the tint didn't leave you looking orange! In the winter, when your skin may be naturally drier (due to lower humidity and temperature), you should apply a moisturizer with the sunscreen to ensure you remain hydrated effectively!
Eye repair treatment

Love what this eye cream has done for under the eyes but can I use on my eyelids as well?

Thank you Katherine! You can use this product under the eye lids, however ensure to monitor for any discomfort, and obviously don't apply too close to the eye ball. The formula has a gentle spread effect, so it will spread the product on the skin when applied, so you don't need to apply specifically into the area you're looking to address. Let us know if you have any questions!
Fabulous Moisturizer!

Recently purchased the Hydrating Antioxidant Mask. I used the Glycolic Peel first and then used the Mask. The results were absoluting outstanding! My skin is shining and radiant. I have never looked better! I have many of your products and they have all been terrific. So happy to have found you. Thank you and thank you so much for making a worthwhile and affordable product.

Thank you for sharing Sandy! We love to hear feedback like yours, and it seems like you could enjoy the benefits of our Peel and Mask - great when used in tandem to provide restorative benefits and help revitalize the skin! :)