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Woah! Seriously

In only three days that ive been using this product, (the samples) i can literally see a difference in my skin. My skin is so dry that ive had to use three different kinds of moisturizer. Its truly remarkable how great these products are.

Thank you for sharing Jodi! Many customers see success when using our Redness Control Trio to manage their redness related issues, and due to the Vitamin C content in this product, it's the best option for those looking to address signs of aging and redness. Glad you can enjoy it too! :)
What I didn't expect...

I am in my 60's..When I take pics my face it has a dead look ...But when I started using only the cleanser...I had visitor...the type that like to take pics...which I "don't"...I asked if I could see the pic...I was amazed .......I looked so fresh and younger....unreal...Thank You...Then I started the routine...

Thank you Adaline! The Vitamin C content in our products helps to rejuvenate the skin and help to accelerate the reparative process required to reduce signs of aging. This can often leave a glow behind, and leave you looking nourished and revitalized! :)
Healthy glowing skin

After using my sample kit I feel the difference in my skin within a week. My complexion is more radiant. Also my pore minimizes . Before using the kit my skin looks dull and dehydrated Thanks to riversol. I'll definitely order the trio kit.

That's great Aisha! If you would like to order, you can call us on 1.866.774.8377, or you can visit a store local to you, by using our store locator here - - and of course, you can order by clicking 'Shop' above! :)

I got the sample and actually really loved it ! I've been having trouble with bacterial acne after having my second child and this cleared it and kept it away! Unfortunately it is pricey and will not be purchasing , but I wish I could keep using these products.

My skin glows!

I love this product! I have very oily skin and this is the only regimen that works! A little bit goes a long way - it's a great investment! Also Riversol customer service is second to none - when my order got lost they were very quick to replace it and reship. 100% fantastic experience!

Thank you for sharing Vanessa! Always great to hear of experiences like yours. Keep us posted as you continue to apply, we're all ears! :)
Mind Blowing!

I have been using the 15 day trial for about 8 days now and my roseacea has already gotten better! Very happy with the results :)

Healthy Skin

So after trying the sample kit, I ordered the trio kit and I have to say it has been effective. It has only been a month, but I have already noticed my skin is smoother and more vibrant without irritation. I can't say I noticed a difference with my wrinkles but I wasn't expecting much in that respect. But I have noticed more radiance and an even tone. And that makes me generally look younger. :)

Thank you for sharing Diana! Always glad to hear about more vibrant and younger looking skin! In terms of wrinkles, this can take a little longer and generally requires a consistency approach to see the best results. Keep us posted, and let us know if you have any questions at all.

It was beyond fantastic!!! Thank you very very much! Qhat a great promoton for you and a great value for the customer

Thank you for sharing Linda! It's always great to hear about experiences such as yours! If you would like some friendly help choosing the right products for you, give us a call on 1.866.774.8377 :)
Completely different and very amazing product

Hello, I already used this product and I liked it. I tried every product but this riversol product is magical. I have a combination skin because I lived In Montreal and everyone knows about this country it’s very cold and snowy outside, that’s why I have a always worried about my skin but now I have a no tension my riversol solved my problem. Anti aging serum and moisturizing cream is amazed. I am pretty sure all ladies are very happy with this product too.
Thanks a lot

Thank you for sharing your experience Kiranbala! We have many customers from the Eastern part of Canada who battle issues with dryness regularly, and especially with such a dry and cold climate, this is common. Let us know if you have any questions - PS our Hydrating Antioxidant Mask is a great hydration booster for those winter months!
Where has this been?!

I recieved my sample a few weeks ago. I was hesitant to start right away because I wasn't to wait for my cystic acne monthly flare up to subside briefly. The pain was getting so bad I couldn't hold back. The 1st week I was using the cleaner wrong. Using a Terry pad to cleanse, which was not doing much. So week two I started using my fingers to massage the cleaner around. WONDERFUL is how amazing my skin felt after. I just did my evening routine and I'm ready for bed and I can't wait to see the end result. My question is how much product comes in the bottles in comparison to the samples. Because i feel like you could really stretch the product a long way while still seeing results and the containers seem like they have more product.

Hi Justine! Thank you for sharing your experience, and we love to hear about how wonderful your skin felt after. The samples come with 4mL each, whereas a full size moisturizer will come with 60mL, and a cleanser 240mL! So the full sized version of our sample kits, our Trio's, will come with around 3 months worth of product.
Pleasantly Surprised

I ordered the free sample, which was actually free. No subscription, no credit card. I tried the samples. I loved them. I put my order in today. I ordered the Peel and the eye treatment, because I feel like these could be great too. A Canadian brand, sold in Vancouver stores. If I didn't have this experience, I wouldn't have believed. Even everyone that writes a review seems like they must work for the company, but it's all true. I love it! Thanks!

Thank you for sharing Martina! All reviews are from genuine customers :)

I love this product. I wanted something that would act like a dermatologist or spa-grade peel but wouldn't completely break the bank. I started with a sample and immediately saw what an amazing effect it had on my skin. Now I use it once a week and it really helps to keep my pores clear. And sure, it's an investment, but one little bottle has lasted about two months already and it still feels full. For the first couple of days after I use it, my skin literally glows. Thank you! Btw, I haven't placed an order on the site because I found a local store that sells it, but I am always looking for sales. :)

We couldn't have put it better ourselves Michelle! The Vitamin C content in the products is great for producing the glow many of our customers experience, and this is heightened by using our Exfoliating Glycolic Peel! :)
I love the packaging, I opened my mailbox and there it was.

The packaging is beyond beautiful, only, I have a small problem because my package was opened on the bed & it fell to the floor confusing the cycle. I have the combo package and I love it!!!

Highly recommended

I am so happy using this product , it made a huge change in my skin, clearer and it removes the dark spots in my face.

Redness disappearing!

I have always had a very red chin and cheeks. After using the sample pack for very dry skin, I bought this trio and have been using it for a couple of weeks and have noticed a huge improvement in the texture of my skin. The redness/flushing has been going away! I was worried as I have very sensitive skin, and wondered if it might be irritating, but I have had absolutely no problems with the serum at all. It was great to be able to try this out on sale as well!! Great skin care line :)

Thank you for sharing Colleen! The Beta-T content in the products is great for reducing irritation and allowing skin to become soothed and nourished, great for those with inflammation or redness prone skin as it provides calming benefits.
Made a Difference!

After using the 15 day Redness Control Sample Kit, I quickly noticed a difference in my light acne after affects. I get diet induced acne, larger pores, dry skin areas along with oily skin areas. This could very well be one of the best non-prescription facial care treatments available! I would highly recommend this product!

Wow, right out of the gate!

I received my sample package. Love the packaging and the personalized note. I have had the package for a couple of weeks, but tried it tonight for the first time. I ordered the normal/dry trial kit, and as directed used the cleanser and moisturizer. My skin after washing had NEVER felt softer. I couldn't believe it. Not tight or dry feeling. Just soft and fresh. Added the moisturizer and it had a nice feel too. I can't wait to see what day 14 brings. Excited!!!

Thank you for sharing! Dr Rivers signature formulation of Vitamin C, E and Beta-T is great for helping to reduce signs of aging and redness, as well as helping to plump skin and leave you feeling soft and nourished. This is common feedback we get :)

the first i used the sample kit, i can the see the glow in my gives smooth and reduced dark spots..i love the gel cleanser..thanks Riversol.. im gonna order in the next few days or i will drop by to the nearest pharmacy near me that has riversol cream.

Thank you for sharing Sasa! We always love to hear of glowing skin - if you need a hand choosing the right products or simply processing an order, please give us a call on 1.866.774.8377. You can also find your closest store here - :)

After the many, many, MANY cleansers I’ve used over the years and hundreds of dollars trying to figure out what works best for my crazy skin ( surface dry, oily underneath, prone to congestion ) I was so happy I tried a sample of this product.
I’m someone who wants a bit of lather when cleansing my face, so this product does that without stripping my skin. I found a little goes a very long way. I ordered the microfibre cloth with it and find I no longer need a toner after cleansing because using it in tandem with the cloth gets everything off. If only I had found this earlier!! For those who enjoy the smell of botanicals or frangrance, this product has none of that. It’s very much a medicated type of scent, which doesn’t bother me due to the results I get using it. Now if only they could make an industrial size for using on the body in the shower. :) bonus for being a Canadian brand.

Thank you for sharing your experience Mia! Dr Rivers wanted to ensure his cleansers were clinical and provided cleansing benefits with no irritation or gimmicks - therefore all products come fragrance free. And the best thing is you won't need to use a toner, as our cleansers are all pH balanced! :)
Love the anti aging trio!

I received my free sample and with in just a couple of days I noticed a huge difference! I have really dry skin and have a hard time finding product. I love how my skin looks and feels, I would recommend your products to anyone and everyone!

Thank you for sharing Heather! We always love to hear of success stories and many of our happiest customers find they see a big difference using our Trio's!

I've started with the free trial and loved it.. After 10 days of using I've been getting complimented of my skin. I've been asked if I was wearing foundation whenever I go out.. I've been really stress out lately and haven't had any sleep at all but after being complimented so much about my skin I felt refresh and energize.. I've neglected my skin but this has brought it to life.. Highly recommended.. And would be ordering a full size as soon as I get my paycheck

Thank you for sharing your story Sharmaine! Always great to hear of our customers getting compliments and glad you feel refreshed and energized! Let us know if you have any questions, our lines are open Monday to Friday 9-5 PST on 1.866.774.8377 :)

Just after using my samples for two days I’m seeing dramatic results. Since I started menopause I have been having horrible problems with my facial skin. Especially being sensitive to everything and once again acne worse than when I was a teen. In just two days my skin is clearing up.
Thank you!!!!

Pleasantly surprised!! :)

I have sensitive skin and was curious about these products I had been seeing so I figured why not request a free sample. I expected the “free sample” would have some sort of catch but I was wrong! I requested a free sample and received it much quicker than I expected (I live on the other coast of Canada) and it was absolutely free-no strings attached! After using the sample for a couple of days I could see an improvement with the tone and texture of my skin. My makeup looked flawless after using Riversol. I always thought the problem with my make up not looking as good as it could was because of the makeup lol. I ran out of my sample and noticed my skin wasn’t looking quite as nice. I knew then I was ordering this
product - and I have absolutely no regrets. They are amazing products and the customer service they give is outstanding.
I’d recommend anyone to give the free sample a shot - what do you have to lose? You just may be pleasantly surprised as was I :)

That's right Treena - no catch and no strings attached! The Beta-T content in all of the products is great for helping to even and lighten skin tone, especially if you have issues with hyper pigmentation or age/dark/sun spots. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

So this trio of products has changed my skin for the better. I spent a lot of time in Korea and really got into an amazing skincare routine, but Riversol with its magic has replaced all my Korean skincare products!
I first tried the sample but had some troubling reactions. I can't express my gratitude for the support team. They checked in with me regularly offering suggestions and tips and really saw me through the entire process. Never at any point did I feel like they were pressuring me into buying the product. They were genuinely concerned with my experience and took the time to fine tune my routine with me. In the end I just needed to slow down my introduction of the various products into my routine. I went ahead and bought the trio after the sample and have to say that I am not the only one noticing a difference in my skin. I've received several compliments from family and friends noticing that my skin is brighter and more even. I don't get my monthly breakouts anymore either. I'm looking forward to adding more from Riversol to my routine! Keep up the fabulous work!!!!

Thank you for sharing Sanya - glad to be in your cabinet! And we always love to hear when our customers get compliments. Keep us posted, and as always, let us know if you have any questions! :)

I love this. I alternate one a week between this and the glycolic peel, and my skin feels great.