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Very happy so far

I live better now through the cold and dry Canadian winters of Ottawa! My skin glows and it is noticeable since I am getting comments. The cream is very moisturizing, it is definitely doing its job. I first used it when I received the free sample kit. At the time, it wasn’t cold yet so I found the cream a bit heavy as soon as I applied it. But after a while, my skin was beautiful. Then I thought that I would like it even more in the winter. I still want to see the brown spots that are just starting to show on my face disappear! This is just the beginning! I also love the serum, which gets absorbed into my skin right away leaving my skin looking radiant and the pores closed.

Thank you for sharing Katia! Winter is obviously a challenging time for many people, especially for those across Canada who experience dry and cold winters, which often results in dry and tough to manage skin. We're glad you can join the many people before you who now have it all under control. Keep us posted on your journey, and a reminder that we're always here to help!
light moisterizer for oily skin

I love the light moisturizer for acne prone skin. It is the first moisturizer to not make me break out and it works very well. Thank you!!

That's great Sandra! The Lightweight Moisturizing Lotion is great for helping to manage and regulate oil production, making it a great choice for those with acne related symptoms.
Excellent product

I noticed a difference right away with my skin. My brown spots faded away within a week.

Wow, that's amazing Lana! The Beta-T content in all of our products, our unique ingredient, has shown to be a powerful anti-melenogenic, helping to reduce the appearance of all forms of hyper-pigmentation, even stubborn dark/age spots. That timeline is unusually fast but nonetheless we're very happy to help with that :)
Love the product!

I like the fact the cleanser is mild but effective . The moisturizer is not greasey or heavy. My face is soft and feels great!

still Trying

I am still finishing my old stuff. I used the kid few times and I like it.

Riversol 15-Day Anti-Aging Sample Kit - Combination Skin


Love these three products. My skin feels awesome and looks youthful. I’m 46 not much for wrinkles so these products sure help preventing more from showing up!!! Like how tight my skin feels after the serum

Thank you for sharing Christine! The phosphate form Vitamin C content in the Serum is great for helping to tighten the skin, and produce a more radiant tone that many customers can't get enough of!
Great product

I very much liked the product and usually react badly to new product however I followed the instructions and it worked beautifully for me!

The products were amazing I just cannot afford to buy right now

Haven’t noticed much of a difference from what I have been using.

Great product

I liked the product.

Great Product !!

I loved the products in the sample set. I will definitely be purchasing them soon. My favourite was the serum. It made my skin firmer and more radiant.

Thank you for sharing Kathi! The Vitamin C content in the products, and especially the Anti-Aging Serum, helps to firm, tighten and brighten the skin, making it a great choice for an awesome daily serum, to improve your skin's health tenfold. Glad you like it!

I really like Riversol Moisturizing Concentrate as an excellent facial cream, since I have very dry skin, especially in the winter. I noticed a difference very quickly and based on reviews I read, I went ahead and bought the Eye Repair Treatment Cream as well, and am pleased with the results. The Sample Kit is a great idea to enable people to become familiar with the many excellent products and to try before they buy without any obligation.

Have just been using this product for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased. I am starting to notice a real difference in my skin. It is softer and, definitely more hydrated. I added the eye cream and have noticed a bit of reduction in the side bags. Hoping for even more improvement in all areas.

Anti-Aging Sample Kit

I liked all the products supplied and the amount was generous.

Thank you for sharing Gail-Marie, tell all your friends! :)

The product is amazing and does exactly what it is suppose to do. Super happy with it

Great to have you on board Valerie! :)
wonderful product

I have extremely sensitive skin and most products make me break out but this product does not. I love it.

That's awesome Nora! We have lots of happy customers with very sensitive skin who decided to take a free trial, and haven't looked back since. We're lucky to have such a diverse range of people using our products, and we love to cater to those who have tried everything!
Amazing products!

I ordered the free trial, and when I noticed results after just a few days I was hooked and ordered the trio pack. Skin is most definitely tighter, brighter and more healthy looking. No hesitations in recommending - the best skin products I've ever used.

Thank you for sharing Jodie! Glad you can enjoy the products like many before you. Keep us posted on your experience :)

Before I started to use your product, my skin was red, enflamed, dry and I had rosacea acne. My eyes were so red and burning from ocular rosacea that at times my vision was so blurred it was hard to function. I was beside myself & depressed. Embarrassed of my skin and eyes! My skin is no longer dry and inflamed and my eyes are better. Was only a week into your free sample and I new your product was for me. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. You and your team are amazing, I will be forever grateful and would 100% recommend your product to all who suffer this terrible condition.

Thank you for sharing your story Patty, and we're so happy to be a part of it! We have many happy customers who have tried everything, and find our products to provide that soothing and nourishing feeling that helps them manage their symptoms. Keep us posted on your journey!
Amazing Skin Care Products

I am very pleased with the Riversol skin care line. My skin has never been in such great condition.
Thank you

Thank you for sharing Elizabeth! Our moisturizers all contain a shea butter base, which helps to leave skin feeling nourished and supple!
No more oily skin!

A few days in to the trial sample I knew I couldn’t be without this skin care routine! I ordered the full size immediately and have been using it for two months now.
My oily skin is now under control. When I wake up in the morning I no longer have an oil slick on my face. My makeup stays in place and I have less oil production through out the day. I also have not had an acne breakout since using Riversol.
Order your free sample, you will not be disappointed!

I finally have a skincare routine!

I just turned 40, and I didn’t really have a skincare routine, so when I’m came across the free sample kit I jumped at the chance to try it. I like it so much that I bought the anti-aging trio and exfoliant once the samples ran out. I’ve been using the products for about 2 months now, and I’m really happy with the way my skin looks and feels (so soft!). I do find the moisturizer a bit heavier than I’d like (it does absorb well after a few minutes and doesn’t feel greasy though), so I’ll likely try the lightweight moisturizer when my supply runs out.

Thank you for sharing your experience Laura, I have a hard time believing you're 40 years old from your picture - good for you!
Haven’t tried it yet.

Sorry, I haven’t tried the product yet.

Serum lover here!

I love the sample kit, I find the cleanser not enough for the 15day trial. I love the serum the most. I will surely buy one soon. I hope the kit will include eye repair treatment too

Product &. Service

Phenomenal service product did what they said and samples were truly FREE
Completely will be a lifetime customer

Thank you for sharing Louise - you look great! :)